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  • Maps:
    - Location Map: Location Map (NTS)
    - Topos: Marion County 2' topo (0.035 mi scale), & TopoZone
    - Aerial: Marion County aerial (0.035 mi scale)
    - Radius Map: 1-3-5 mile radius map
    - Base Map: Lawrence Township Base Map (large 24 MB .pdf)
    - Mapping
    - INDOT Marion County Function Class Map for streets and roads
    - ArcGIS repository for "Indianapolis" - more metamapping. Over 500 maps for Indianapolis.
    - GeoHack - all-in-one - topos, streets, satellite, weather and more!
  • - FreeMapTools - Pretty much what the name says. Want to find a distance, radius, elevation, area or other? Here are some resources to help.
  • NW corner of I-465 east and 56th Street east - inside the beltway around Indianapolis
  • Profile: 21.237 Acres
    - North ø South — 2,490' (close to 1/2 mile) Long
    - East ø West — 371' wide with some narrowing to about 330' across from an estate and a widening just south of that - these curves along west boundary were created of less in/out parcels in 1968 when Brendon Way Drive - a cul de sac road - was constructed and dedicated in 1969.
  • Approximate Latitude, Longitude: 39.8575, -86.0544
  • Zipcode: 46226



  • Current is D-S - Dwelling Suburban - 40,000 square feet
  • To east is D-6 - The Residences on 56th Street (multi)
  • To west is D-1 - Brendon Forest subdivision. (24,000 square feet)



  • Environmental assessment - Phase 1
  • Soil testing / boring report
  • Wetlands evaluation
  • Engineering
  • Boundary survey ALTA
  • Topographical survey



  • Brendon Forest Drive - a paved, dedicated street along the west length of parcel is 26' wide with curbs, gutters, and storm drainage. It was installed jointly by the owner and the contiguous owner in 1969 for development and Brendon Forest Drive was dedicated to the City. It is a cul de sac street and connects to 56th Street.
  • Second Access - frontage road - access is also available to the frontage road along the 371' south line of the property. It is a dedicated city street - Brendon Way South Drive. There is a stop light at the frontage road and 56th Street.
  • Sewers - run halfway north along Brendon Forest Drive. Needs sewer for the most northerly portion.
  • Gas, Electric & Water - gas and electric and water go all the way to the north end of Brendon Forest Drive.
  • I-465 - has been redesigned and reconstructed at this interchange.



  • Signage - 371' of prime frontage visible from 56th Street - an INDOT "principal arterial" street with 26,068 CPD estimated in 2016 = excellent impressions per day! Further, ultra long frontage along the access road could be very useful to marketing the development, especially when leveraged with other marketing tools.
  • Website - available for your inclusion
  • Leads - pre-screened leads
  • No wooded lot inventory within miles



  • By recorded restrictive covenants, The Cottages property along the east boundary maintains a 100' Greenbelt (except 4 permitted structures within 70') along the west line of their parcel. Their covenant is for deciduous and evergreen trees to screen this property for the entire half mile. The Greenbelt is to be used for park purposes only. This gives effective control of that two plus acres beyond this parcel.
  • The northernmost 1400' of the 2490' property is limited to “single family dwellings” by restrictive covenant with Brendon Forest.


IMPROVEMENTS (to remove)

  • House - one-story, frame, 2,600 square feet, older ranch house as is.
  • Barn - 10 stalls — 40' x 60'— oak throughout, floored loft - great for recycling.
  • Cottages - two frame cottages—12' x 12', 20' x 20' – can be moved, not attached.



  • Southern portion of parcel nearest 56th Street
    - Public or quasi-public e.g. library
    - One story residential style professional offices
    - Research/educational campus
    - Attached residential product such as town homes/condos
    - Cluster homes
    - Senior housing:
          - Independent Living
          - Over 55
          - Active Adult
          - Continuing Care Retirement Community [ CCRC ] campus
          - Congregate senior housing
          - Assisted living residences
          - Good senior demographics - see senior demographics map [75+ age & 50K+ income]
  • Northern portion of parcel
    - Custom homes
    - Upper end - production homes - planned community
    - Senior housing villas



  • Scenic and rolling, well maintained
  • Mature vegetation - Hundreds of grand, mature, trophy trees.
  • North Six Acres - Heavily wooded and rolling. There is a very deep, wooded ravine along the south side of the north six acres.
  • South side of Ravine - It is also scenic along the wooded south side of ravine Also walk outs middle - topography rolling suggests numerous walk-out basement home sites and view features.
  • Water feature - natural 1/4 acre pond



  • Brendon Forest subdivision to the west - only 13 homes in the platted subdivision with covenants, although there are 16 lots, the additional lots being owned by adjacent landowners along Brendon Forest Drive. Not in the plat area is a 7 acre estate and a large home on 56th Street and Brendon Forest.
  • Woolens Gardens to the north - over 70 very rugged acres was donated to City and now is a state preserve. It is not a park. There is little public use. Drops northerly down to Fall Creek Road.
  • The Residences on 56th Street apartments to the east - 770 apartment units on 70 plus Acres. 2018 purchased by Fall Creek Owner LLC. Current owner, is executing a large-scale renovation.



In the Lawrence Township area, for those who want to build a new home, it appears that within a two or three mile radius there are only a half dozen building lots - all without trees. Some desire to stay in this neighborhood for its central location, convenience of direct interstate access and accessibility around town, e.g. downtown, airport, culture & work-places. Others will be attracted for proximity to private & public schools such as Cathedral, Park Tudor, Lawrence. Others will welcome the opportunity because of familiarity with the neighborhood.

Some buyers will come from surrounding neighborhoods like Avalon, Devonshire, and Ivy Hills or even back from Geist and farther northeast who want a new home -- free from the commuting hassle and the parking lot that I-69 and other roads going north have become at commuting hours. This location - close to I-465 and 56th Street entrance/exit drove purchases of custom homes in Lake Charlevoix just north of this property - across Fall Creek, and that was several years before the present gridlock.

Hundreds of new jobs have been added at the Finance Center and Village at Fort Harrison. There is no more master planned residential land at Fort Harrison - Fort Harrison Reuse Authority.



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